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Cool Summer Treat! : Chunky, Monkey Popsicles!

Whether you use paper cups and wooden sticks or pre-made popsicle molds, these yummy, sweet, popsicles will delight everyone who loves a nutty, chocolate treat!


2 medium bananas

4 TBSP Cacoa

1/4 Cup maple syrup or date paste

1/4 Cup plant milk

1/3-1/2 Cup crushed unsalted nuts of your choice ( I used Cashews)


1.Crush the nuts up. Drop 1 tsp. into each mold

2. Blend the bananas, cacao powder, plant milk and maple syrup

3. Pour the banana mixture into the molds 1/2 way

4. Add more nuts and extra mixture. Don't fill to the brim, leave space for them to expand and freeze

5. Sprinkle a few nuts on bottom and insert stick

6. Freeze

* Amazon carries a variety of popsicle molds and can be found in many local stores. Besides the one you see below, here is a link to a set that I have and like as much as the one shown in this photo.

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