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Healthy, dairy free coconut"ice cream" with Turmeric

Did you know that bananas are extremely healthy and very delicious? Filled with essential nutrients (potassium, Vit. B6,Vit. , Magnesium, Copper, Manganese) and at 105 calories, they are a great snack food. With a few tasty spices I offer you a fun, tasty alternative for the ice cream lover.


1-2 cut up frozen bananas

1/4tsp. ground turmeric

a dash of cardamom and ginger

1/2 Tbsp. coconut cream

A splash of nut or oat milk as needed

Crushed black pepper and flaked coconut (optional)


This can be made in either a food processor or a blender.

1. Add the bananas, turmeric, spices and coconut cream to blend and add in milk as needed for smooth creamy consistency.

2. Sprinkle black pepper and flaked or roasted coconut on top as desired.

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