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? Comments for the program are always appreciated. re:autocad - 2010/09/21 04:46:03 Ecc. It isn't until you have the activation code which is a tiny bit longer that you know for sure it is the right one. And as soon as you see a word like "XF" in your new activation email from Microsoft, you know for sure it is the right one. Just go to the website as soon as you have the activation code and it will download the trial so you have it on hand. I think a month trial would be enough to let you decide for yourself. re:facetray - 2010/09/21 04:48:05 rhea2k I found the free version of the microsoft software didn't work at all for my son ( 7 years old ) he thinks it is freeware so I had to buy a new one for him. So I don't think the free version will work for his type. Could you tell me which one you got for your son? re:facetray - 2010/09/21 04:53:25 That one's new; VB has gotten much better and is generally more stable. My son has never had an issue with it. I think that you will have no problem with your son with VB. You might try the previous version if you'd like. re:facetray - 2010/09/21 04:57:25 Oh ok. I see the new version is much more stable. Well thanx to you. re:facetray - 2010/09/21 04:59:21 Glad I could help. If you are having problems, contact MS Customer Service. re:facetray - 2010/09/21 05:05:56 Did I explain something incorrectly? re:facetray - 2010/09/21 05:13:00 Ecc. I will have to check that one out. I did get a new version from MS and it worked fine. No problems at all, though I wasn't aware of the fact I could get a free version. re:facetray - 2010/09/21 05:33:35 Also why would they make a new version? And why would they give one away for free? My son didn't




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Xf Acad9 64 Bits Keygen Software yuseelee

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