All About My Journey

Hi, I’m Louise!

I want to share deliciously easy and fun recipes to make foods to love, eat, and share. 

A bit about me: Since my teens I had been an ethical vegetarian who also loved sugar. I was always wanting to lose weight, always on a diet, and was not the healthiest as I fed myself processed, store-bought, and heavily fried restaurant foods. In 2019, with encouragement from my best friend, I decided to give a whole food, plant-based diet a try and I've never looked back. 


Within weeks of embracing a fully plant-based diet, including going sugar-free, oil-free, and salt-free, I reaped so many benefits. The fact that my BMI dropped dramatically when I lost 40lbs over a year was a great incentive. Blood work showed a marked improvement in cholesterol levels. My arthritis symptoms disappeared. And I realized that I was saving money, too!


I no longer crave refined sugars which had been a main staple of everything I ever ate. Now I crave the sweet treats from fruits and vegetables. I find that eating this way has awakened my creativity, has been a natural aid in weight loss, and has improved my overall health and energy levels.


I've loved learning more about the benefits of fruits and veggies and earned a certification in Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition (WFPB) through the T. Colin Campbell E-Cornell Program.


My love for the plant-based lifestyle is only matched by my love for teaching, counseling, and mentoring, and I work with people of all ages as well as members of the Deaf community to encourage wellness and healthy eating.


Now, with joy and excitement, I am sharing what I've learned through free interactive cooking classes, 1:1 sessions, and private group lessons. Whether I'm teaching a group class or chatting one on one, I am dedicated to cultivating warm, accessible, and judgment-free communities where participants can ask questions and support each other while learning more about how to cook delicious, healthy foods. 

Cheers to life, laughter, love, and real food.


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