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Anytime, quick and tasty veggie bowl

I like to start my day with greens! Or, I may have this anytime of day or as dinner over a

potato or rice. So simple to assemble! Wanted to try out a new spice that I just bought on line from Lesley Elizabeth, Inc. called Oh! so Garlic! It's salt free and very rich tasting!!


I bag of frozen broccoli florettes

1 bag of frozen swiss chard ( I use Cascadian Farm Organic Swiss Chard)

Diced red onion, celery and red pepper

Oh! so Garlic Salt free Seasoning or seasoning of your choice


1. Water stir fry the red onion, celery, red pepper and swiss chard.

2..Microwave the Broccoli according to directions

3. Add seasonings of your choice along with the broccoli into the stir fry.

4. Enjoy a bowl of steaming hot veggies or have it over rice or potato!

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